Yennamo Yedho Check out Gautham Karthik and Rakul Preet the Latest Pair in the K-Town

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Published on April 3, 2015

The movie Yennamo Yedho is the second attempt of Gautham Karthik, the son of the veteran actor Karthik, to make it big in the box office as a lead actor. Though his first project with Mani Ratnam could not provide him with a proper launch pad, but expectations were really high with this latest romantic-comedy flick. This Ravi Thyagarajan movie portrays two lead actresses, RakulPreet Singh and Nikesh Patel against Gautham.

Ennamo-Edho-Movie-Stills-and Review at Dailomo.comEnnamo-Edho-Movie-Stills-and Review at Dailomo.comAs already said, it is a romantic comedy and the film revolves around a boy met girl story. Two strangers Gautham, and RakulPreetmeets each other as strangers, they interact for some span of time, then they fall in love.

Like every other romantic flick the usual turns and twists of the story is obviously there, but all that finally leads to a predictable end. However, the pair of Gautham Karthik and Rakul Preet, is something really to rave about. The pair shows the chemistry to go a long way, and Rakul Preet is really good in her acting as well as dance skills and voice dubbing. Gautham’s acting is also smooth, and appreciated by the critics. Nikesha is also glorious in her minuscule role.

Other parts of the movie, like veteran actor Prabhu and Ramesh are really good at their roles, and the movie has some really enjoyable sequences that can be regarded as a family entertainer. Imman’s music score in the movie, like Muttalai, Shut up your mouth and Nee EnnaPeriya, are obviously good, but they do not go well with the sequences in the film, and looks like overburdening the story line.

To summarize the movie, it has to be mentioned, that Yennamo Yedho is a great try for the lead couple, and it encapsulates some pleasing moments, but due to its weak story line the movie fails to offer the audience something new.

Ennamo-Edho-Movie-Stills-and Review at
Ennamo-Edho-Movie-Stills-and Review at
Ennamo-Edho-Movie-Stills-and Review at

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