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Published on February 18, 2015

Yennai arindhaal unbiased review
Much Hyped and expected movie Yennai Arindhall released today morning and here is unbiased review.
Movie Plus – Music, Ajith and Arun Vijay
Minus – Too much of non-nativity dialogue which gives feel that some aliens are speaking
Cinematography – Some said the tone in the movie gives empty feeling. Somebody says it is good and it gives hollywood movie feelings.

Overall comment – It can be watched in Theater with family.

My Comment: Nobody says any word about Anushka !!!.. I feel sad 🙂

review about recently released tamil movie yennai arindhaal which has ajith kumar, trisha , arun vijay and anuskha playing the lead roles. editing for the movie is done by antony , music for yennai arindhaal is composed by harris jayaraj.

The film’s soundtrack and BGM is receiving accolades as well. The music is done by Harris Jayaraj, who has worked with Gautham Menon in most of his movies. And of course, there is Trisha! Viewers seem to be quite awed by the leading lady, and the tweets lead us to believe that Trisha has ample screen space, which she has put to good use. more audience comments @ here

The film seems to be riding on the back of a strong script and a bunch of heart-warming cast. Actor Arun Vijay is also praised for his role in the film. ..more audience comments @ here

  1. Sathyanarayanan Vijayakumar

    Nee AI padam Nala ah irruku nu sonna.. Adhula vikram oda dedication thavara
    vera onum ma illa adhan padathula. Adhu oru story nu nee avalo hype
    create.. Ippo yadho starting la over hype nu yalam sonnulara illa.. Nee dha
    What to expect from Yennai Aridhaal nu 8 mins ku video panna. Teaser
    release ku yalam nee over ah scene potu irrukudha.. Nee enadha
    sollavara…. Yadhuku Punch dialogue movie ku. Nee dha first reviewer
    expecting a puch dialogue nu solluradhu.. Gowtham menon starting la
    sollitaru romba normal oru movie nu. nee expect pannunadhu movie la illa na
    yaru ena panna mudiyum sollu.. Nee rating kudukava vendam.. I think ur
    expecting a sexy movie form every director. I have seen all ur reviews. Ur
    saying a movie with more sexy sequence is every good. If u ve doubt watch u
    previous reviews.

  2. Rangarajan K

    Different ah genre eh panira kudathe !! 100 peru , mass , punch ipdie than
    edukanumna poi masala padam paru

  3. selva ganesh

    Mr.Prasanth… I have seen all your reviews… It was really
    appreciable..…..Even Arambam also not well you said… I agreed… But now you
    are saying that YA is not to the expectation level…. There is no mass
    scene………Elements are missing…. Why Gautam made it …. He could have been
    made like what Siva made in Veeram…….. First of all you should notice that
    Mr.Guatam said earlier that it is a normal movie, Don’t expect more……It’s
    not Janaranjagamaana padam…. It’s the simple story with Thala….. That’s
    it…..It’s your fault you expected more…….. I completely hate your last 54
    seconds review…….. Learn to enjoy the movie, forget the loopholes…… and
    learn to appreciate the honest people like Gautam and Ajith… 

  4. Muruga nathan

    For the First Time,,Prasanth your are very ,,Biased to the Core!!! I am
    Tell me I-Movie didn’t have any Logical Loop Holes,,I Know you are Scared
    of some poeple,,, if you say something -ive about I Movie,,and pls do not
    compare VIP movie for all commercial Movie,,dont act like an Dhanus
    PRO,,,YA is a Different Genre Movie for Ajith.

  5. Sathesh Kumar

    Guys don’t hate on Prasanth. I loved the film and most Malaysians here
    loved it too. It’s a brilliant movie and if the tamil audience just wants
    mass commercial touches don’t expect that from YA. This is Gautham Menon’s
    story and something that even Hollywood would appreciate.
    Also I must admit that Prasanth thinks he knows plenty about cinematography
    and logical loopholes which he should stop. Enjoy Thala fans!

  6. nithean karthick

    a film need not have a complex story line . FOr eg “I” OR VIP.. had a
    simple story line … but it became a hit because of the way it was taken.
    it had a mass element. Kaththi was a hit because of its social message.
    BUT, “YA” is a confusion- a mass movie which lacks ajith’s punch .there is
    a lack of reality. that is the only problem. i am a neutral fan…. u can
    abuse me 🙂 … but it is my opinion.. u guys will be like why i am stating
    my opinion on a social site- because I LIKED AJITH’S PREVIOUS FILMS. THANX

  7. Suresh Kumar

    Be Genuine… It’s GVM movie, I don’t see any wrong in this… If you say,
    then I may need to ask you how was Vetiyadu Velaiyadu…? Don’t ever think
    people will always follow you ever.. Anytime you may have to go back to

  8. Deepan Murugan

    Being honest about your opinion and being a dick about it is two different
    things. Firstly, you don’t have to be sarcastic and condescending in your
    review, you could have been a bit more professional. Secondly, show some
    consistency in your reviews and analysis, one minute you criticise mass
    elements & fanatical hero-worship in movies & now you complain about toned
    down movie where characterization & script has been given priority over
    “Mass” and heroism. And when did GVM ever hype up the movie? He repeatedly
    said it is a “simple story” and “mass” elements have been not prioritised !!
    Did he go around asking people to talk about Dan McArthur? Or script
    writers ? He was asked questions about these people in press conference and
    he duly replied about them.
    I know everyone has a right to their own opinion and so do you….but could
    have given your opinion in a much better tone and presentation. There is no
    need for you to be condescending and sarcastic…..1) It is a lot of
    peoples hardwork and creativity that you are criticising. Remember that if
    these people don’t create…there is nothing for you to
    talk/critizise/analyse abt, so respect their effort even if you don’t rate
    their product. 2)Yes you spend money and watched the movie, so you have a
    right to your opinion, but remember you were not forced to spend the money
    neither were you forced to watch the movie, it was your own free-will. So
    don’t go on saying “But i paid money & spend time….so & so”

  9. Praveen Kumar

    i’m big fan of ajith.but movie was average

  10. vikram rockz

    Mokka padam of the year 2015 … nalla velai “I” kooda release aagala ,,,
    oththa pannadai ajak pans inimae pesungada pappom,,, 3.25 is max ,,,,, 2
    is enough ,,, wasted 100 bucks ,,,,, Kodukumar sucks this time also ,,,
    oththa teaser 5M likes u daa,,, trailer 4M likes u daaa,, mairu da matta
    da … kodu daa mangatha ….

  11. Amphotoclicks

    Prashanth Panni vaayan should learn to speak tamil properly first before he
    reviews movies. Thumbs up if you like this

  12. Ashok Kumar

    Whenever my cousin’s baby girl doesn’t take food..i show your videos and
    say..”olunga saapdu illa indha panda vandhu pudungi thindruvan”..then she
    eats it 🙂
    Thank you for being useful for something :)

  13. bala subramanian

    100 times better than kathi………

  14. Aravinth Kumar

    Criticism is very easy by Mouth.Can u even able to do a “Short Film”…Then
    u would know ur level of Creativity and Film Making Skills…..Not only
    u,no one has the right to Criticise another person’s product. The producers
    invested the money and they are toiling for earning it back.So it has
    nothing to do with your So called “reviews”.

  15. tamilcinemareview

    #yennaiarindhaal – 3.25/5 , lot of talking, less substance, @menongautham

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