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Published on June 5, 2015

Yennai Arindhaal Music by Harris Jeyaraj.
Gautham Menon and Harris Jeyaraj combination gave amazing music earlier. Yennai Arindhaal is not exception. The music is ultimate and here is Yennai Arindhaal Music Review for you.

Yennai Airndhaal is an upcoming movie starring Thala Ajith Kumar as the lead hero alongside two ravishingly beautiful ladies, Trisha and Anushka. The movie also marks the comeback of one of the evergreen combos Gautham Menon and Harris Jayaraj after six long years.

  1. sugin brabhu

    please report to this video all ajith fun plz 

  2. sugin brabhu

    thala song ka nee thapa sollra unnaka website ka rank muthala therunjuka
    all song is hit da 

  3. suresh billa

    Mass’s songs

  4. Sri Vinayak

    தல தலதான்

  5. vinoth kannan

    songs ellam nalairukum sonna mattum nambavaporinga…………….fate hear
    this then oly realize How are I songs?

    Adharu adharu udharu udharu………..

  6. Rithesh Billa

    mass song all

  7. Anbazhagan Chinnappillai

    worst album of harris & gautam combo…this album is nothing infront of
    their previous works like vettayadu vilayadu, varanam aayiram, etc… songs
    like parartha muthal naale manjal veyil malai ethu, & adiye kolluthey were

  8. Aravindh Kumar

    Ha ha ha ha ha

    Thangame paatu eh super nu thaan solluvaanga,
    Ippo ithu Vera ya

    Thangame fans

  9. Bharath kumar S

    Deserved 3.5 better than I. . Fantastic rendition on Unakkena Venum Sollu
    as well as Chinmayi version. . My guess is Maaya Bazaar is going to be a
    huge hit with Nice Visuals. . A really different attempt for Harris+GVM not
    like any of their other outngs which were full of melodies. .This will mark
    a new beginning of Experimental Harris. . 

  10. lingges waran

    Deserved it….

  11. babu kv

    actually songs are nice… but that magic in harris – gvm combo is missing

  12. Rock Ragu

    Adai ennada ithu. ennada nadakkuthu ithallam nalla song kada. 

  13. DURAI raj

    All Songs Super

  14. raj suresh

    I like songs also

  15. Shanmuga Priyan

    rating 3.25 over bro…only 2.5 or 3

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