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Published on February 10, 2015

There is always thin line.
Yennai Arindhaal Gautham Vasudeva Menon film? or Ajith Kumar Movie?
Ajith Kumar is mass hero however in this movie Ajith does not speak any punch.
Instead Ajith comes with four getup.

Yennai Arindhaal is Good Movie for Ajith Fans.
Arun Vijay will get more offers.
Ajithkumar has Stylish look.


Kakka Kakka + Vettaiyadu Vilayadu + Varanam Ayiram – Mix in one Jar and put Ajith in that jar you will get “Yennai Arindhaal”.


    the best review i ever seen./..
    continue your work dude., you amazing

  2. saravanan dato


  3. Jhonson P

    un MOTTA SOTTA Mandala naan podum kodu da mokka review

  4. Vijayan G


  5. kaviarasan mechanical

    Review super paarava ella ne thappuchuta

  6. Rajni P

    Padam padu slow… Semma mokka… indha padathuku 3 rating’u, adhu seri
    Ayirathil Oruvan’ku 0.5 rating kudutha naainga thaana da neenga…
    Jalrawoods… Paid site…

  7. hdfhd sdg

    superb movie, thala and arun vijay mindblowing…

  8. . Ω .

    +Behindwoods the music is really aint give me pleasant experiences to hear
    it thru out the entire movie. Some scene yes the BGM is mass but lots place
    its too noisy and its felt the music didn’t sync at all to the story.
    HarrisJayaraj music its not to my liking at all.
    ArunVijay the villain. Arun Vijay had done a wonderful job. Hope Arun anna
    will be awarded as Best Villain of 2015. He is simply superb.
    GPS tracking device is look fake to me and the software used (correct me if
    I am wrong) its Google riped off UserInterface don’t they? Fakeness to this
    entire scene made me the scene unenjoyeble. Wish GVM bought a fully working
    GPS tracker instead lor and Grapich designer should had give some extra
    afford to make amazing GPS tracker software.
    Fight scene its awesome. Love every beat of it. hands down. Silva anna
    mass. Kalakurar.
    Most hated thing about the film is Manirathanam kinda small sentences thru
    out the film just make me go crazy. Where got normal people talk like that
    in realy life. Do the all a crazy huh? Only crazy people talk like this.
    Anushka Ajith on car scene most which I get disturb. I just don’t get it
    bro why the H people need talk one word or two words per sentence. Arghhhh
    my rating 4.5/5(overall marks)
    music 1/5 semma mokka. Harris use everything he got in his hand. Oh god,
    felt like want to shout to Haris anna “that’s enough” ney….. Hope no more
    Haris in his upcoming movies.
    Heard next GVM venture going to kick off soon with STR. Hope +Hansika
    Motwani will pla the lead role. And HipHop Tamila will be the music
    director. finger cross.

  9. syed Ifthiqar

    Review nt bad bcoz u nt tell abt Arun Vijay.. Bcoz all telling ajith and
    Arun vijay with class

  10. TheGameplayCorner

    Fell in love with Ajith after this film.

  11. Arunkumar B

    Good and genuine reviews……thala stoles ur heart….YA…block buster
    hit of 2015….

  12. Murali murali

    Mokka pad am da

  13. vikram rockz

    othatha sangu thaa ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,,, mairu maathiri ,,
    teaser 5M likes ,da trailer 4 M likes u daaa ,,, record da ,,, poolu da,,,
    miruda da ,, matta da,,, oththa,,,, inimae padaththa paesungada paapom 


    super thalaiva.,

  15. ij tamil

    good review

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