Yamuna Movie Review – A Dry River of Disappointment!

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Published on February 20, 2015

yamuna-movie-review-2Yamuna is one of the latest movies to hit screens in Tamil cinema this weekend. The movie competes with the big releases like Theeya Vela Seyanum Kumaru and Thillu Mullu. The movie has been directed by director E V Ganesh Babu, which starts out as an usual love story happening in a college campus and later pans out to be a message conveying film opposing the human trafficking. The characters in Yamuna have been poorly written by the director, which lets the movie down big time.

Bhaskar (Sathya) is a college student and he meets Yamuna (Sri Ramya) in his college. He falls for her in the first sight, but it takes a lot to convince the girl to accept his love. After many attempts, Bhaskar manages to get the love of Yamuna, but their love story comes to a halt due to some unfortunate incidents. Yamuna goes missing suddenly and when she comes back, she rejects Bhaskar and ignores him completely from her life. Bhaskar forces Yamuna to reveal what happened when she went missing and he has to react to what she says in a heroic manner.

yamuna-movie-review-1The first part of the movie is all about the Bhaskar character convincing Yamuna to accept and reciprocate the love. These scenes could have been made interesting, but they disappoint the audiences carrying so much redundancy and boringness. Fortunately a twist happens at the middle of the story but the director fails to make a good cut leveraging the twist.

The poorly written characters leave no extra options for the director to explore them in many scenes, and the director should blame himself and no one else for writing them poorly. Actress Vinodhini plays the character role of Chandrika naturally, but the lead actors Sathya and Sri Ramya seem a bit artificial at times as the lead characters. Yamuna is a dry river of disappointment!




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