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Published on April 26, 2015

Yaaruda- Mahesh-Stills-6Yaaruda Mahesh is one of the latest movies in Tamil cinema to hit the screens for this weekend. The movie easily falls into the category what the filmmakers call it, ‘Youth Subject’. Director Shankar’s Boys that released way back some time is still considered as a good example for the western youth flick genres in Tamil cinema. Yaaruda Mahesh does not come close the director Shankar’s megaphone, and more importantly, people might get disappointed as the movie is full of adult jokes and double meaning puns spread throughout its dialogues.

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Here is the plot of Yaaruda Mahesh. Shiva (Sundeep Kishan) does not care for anything in life, as his only goal is to make the most of his college life in terms of enjoyment. He spends his time hanging out and boozing with his friend Vasanth (Jagan). He falls in love with a girl called Sindhiya (Dimple) and soon after that he makes her pregnant. He also later marries her. One day he overhears his wife’s talk with her ex – boyfriend and is clueless why she should still be in touch with that guy called Mahesh. His search for the truth makes the rest of Yaaruda Mahesh.

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Director R Madhan Kumar has tried to give a party of sorts movie to his intended target audiences, the college students. However, the director fails make an impressive screenplay, which is the most important factor in these kinds of movies. Songs come as hindrance to the pace of the screenplay and make the audiences bored quite often.

The protagonist’s search for the character Mahesh has been shot well, but something is still missing, which fails to make an impact among the audiences.

Sundeep Kishan, who acted in the Hindi flick Shor In The City and in a few Telugu flicks does justice to the carefree protagonist role.

Overall, Yaaruda Mahesh misses something but might be an entertaining one for the audiences who like double meaning and adult joke dialogues.

Yaaruda Mahesh Movie – Wooing the Youth but not enough!
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