Yaamirukka Bayame – Tamil first comedy horror movie Review

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Published on May 20, 2015

Yamirukka-Bayame-Stills-at-Dailomo.comYaamirukka bayame is a comedy movie in the packaging of horror. The debutant director Deekay has taken the essence of the industry which is currently focusing on comedy as that is the mantra of success these days. With no big names in the actor bouquet the director has managed to pull out a hit of a simple horror movie which has all the spices of horror and comedy. The movie cast includes Krishna, Rupa Manjari, Karunakaran and Oviya playing the lead characters.

Yamirukka-Bayame-Stills-at-Dailomo.comYamirukka-Bayame-Stills-at-Dailomo.comThe actual story of the movie begins when Kiran (Krishna), a cheat, gets into trouble when he sells libido enhancing machine to dada Dorai. At the same point of time he gets to know about an ancestral property and moves to Kollipur with his girlfriend Smitha played by Rupa Manjari. What he found is a mansion which requires renovation. He renovates the mansion with the money he acquired from Dorai and starts a lodge business. Here comes Sharath (Karunakaran) giving him all good advices. Oviya plays the role of Sharath sister who aspire to become the cook of the mansion. However, the mystery starts when guests start dying in the mansion.

Yamirukka-Bayame-Stills-at-Dailomo.comYamirukka-Bayame-Stills-at-Dailomo.comThe ghost in the movie will not give you chill but fun, and the attempts of Kiran and Sharath to continue the business will give you lots of funny sequences.  Guests will keep on dying under mysterious condition and the four of the hosts will bury the bodies to save their business from getting a bad name. There are flashback sequences of the ghost which is nothing but amusing. The director has made it a point to put lot of spice in the movie to keep people engrossed to their seat.

The rest of the story revolved around the question if the four of them are able to get out of the guesthouse alive and that’s the mystery you have to resolve in the theater. Overall Deekay has managed to keep the comedy alive in the horror movie till the end and that makes Yaamirukka bayame  a must watch horror comedy.



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