Ya Yaa Movie Review – No Story! No Comedy!

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Published on May 27, 2015

Ya-Ya-Movie-Stills-6Ya Yaa is one of the latest movies to hit the screens this weekend in Tamil cinema, which stars actor Shiva in the lead role along with comedy actor Santhanam. Directed by director I Rajasekaran, Ya Yaa comes as yet another comic attempt, which goes in vain, as there is just the name sake attempt and no comedy in real. The movie follows the boring trend of friendship, love and love failure eventually, which is the most tried and tested formula in recent years in Tamil cinema industry.

Ya-Ya-Movie-Stills-5 Ya-Ya-Movie-Stills-4Ramarajan (Shiva) has enmity with Rajkiran (Santhanam). However, they become friends after a point of time. They begin to call themselves as Dhoni and Sehwag respectively, all for silly reasons. As usual, love comes as a trouble to their enmity-turned-friendship. While Ramarajan wants to marry Seetha (Dhansika), Rajkiran anticipates his marriage with a councilor (Devadharshini). What happens next has been told in a comic (not really) way.

It is so easy to follow the current trend of a cinema industry, since a director can get producers easily, as the movie has a tried and tested theme. In addition, there is the Santhanam factor, which is enough for a section of youth to visit the cinema halls. Director I Rajasekaran should have considered all these factors before making Ya Yaa. However, the audiences would have felt good if he had also considered the sensibility of his story and screenplay.

Ya Yaa works in no way, as the characters just appear on screen without making an impact. The director has underwritten the screenplay as well, since the attempt at comedy hardly evokes laughter. Even Santhanam appears boring these days. Shiva should try for a variety of roles rather sticking to the same kind of role, which he usually does.

There is no entertainment and Ya Yaa is clearly a disappointment, if you look for a sensible comedy!

Plus Dhaniska and Sandhiya
Minus Screenplay, Story, Shiva and Santhanam
Verdict Go to Sleep at least your boy will relax


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