Would Asin stoop so low to conquer?

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Published on June 9, 2015

 Would Asin stoop so low to conquer?
It was only three years ago that we saw Asin ruling the roost in Tamil filmdom. Then came trouble when she ventured into Bollywood. She had her eye set on the glamour and fame in tinseltown and started her adventure in Mumbai with none other than Aamir Khan in the remake of Tamil film Ghajini.  In the Hindi version of Ghajini, Asin was the female lead role and she did quite well for herself at that. In other words, she started off in the right foot and got many more offers. London Dreams saw Asin’s dream come crashing down. She paired opposite Salman Khan in this movie that did not do quite as she expected in the Box Office.

In spite of this, she did another film Ready with Salman. This much hyped film keeps her Bollywood hopes alive even though she just has one more Hindi film on hand titled House Full 2.  In the meanwhile, there were a few announcements or rather news articles that talked about Asin pairing opposite Sharukh Khan in not one but two films. Another snippet made its way to the Bollywood news circle that director Hriday Shetty was forced by actor Nil Nitin Mukesh to sign Asin for the female lead role.

Do you know who the accused is behind the spread of these rumours – none other than our dear Asin herself? Is she so desperate? Could she go to this extent to get roles or at least make it seem like she has got a number of roles in Hindi films? We can only ask her PROs who are behind this.

In fact, Hriday Shetty, naturally pissed off with the spread of these rumours said it is time Asin stopped spreading these rumours to gain publicity. He said that it is evident she is lying as he has not signed Nil Nitin Mukesh for any of his films leave alone Nitin pressurizing him to sign Asin opposite him.

Hriday Shetty also clarified that he is yet to meet Asin in person. He also said that he is at present busy with Naseeruddin Shah’s film. He also said that there is a beehive of talent in Bollywood and why would he sign a south Indian actress for his films? It is definitely time for Asin to sit up and take notice of what Bollywood feels about her.

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