Will Opportunities Elude Nazriya Nazim?

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Published on April 29, 2015

Nazriya Nazim is in news quite frequently after the Naiyaandi issue. For those who do not know, Nazriya Nazim lodged a complaint in Nadigar Sangam against the director and the filmmakers of Naiyaandi stating that the a body double has been used for her in a song sequence in Naiyaandi without her knowledge, which is not a standard in actor signing in agreement. The issue became big when the young actress took it to the social media and reached her fans directly to support her. She even went on to add a photo of the alleged song sequence.

Things, however, went right thereafter. An amicable situation was arrived and both the parties, filmmakers and Nazriya Nazim, made peace with each other. Nazriya again took it to the Internet media by writing a long explanatory paragraph stating that the director and the filmmakers of Naiyaandi have agreed to crop the alleged sequence from the trailer and the actual reel of the movie. She asked the fans to support the movie without any hatred.

Although a reasonable situation was reached, it now seems as if Nazriya Nazim is not favorite actress for the filmmakers any more. Well known industry insiders say that she was hot cake before the Naiyaandi issue, but now the filmmakers hesitate to book her for new projects. The sources say that using body double is not an unusual practice in cinema industry and that the young actress’ exaggerated reaction has not convinced many filmmakers who wanted Nazriya to be in their projects. The sources also reveal that since Naiyaandi has met with failure in the Box Office and even critically, Nazriya’s reputation is seeing a downfall among the filmmakers and producers.

Sources close to Nazriya Nazim reveal that the Neram actress is doubtful about her Tamil career now and hence has decided to concentrate on Malayalam movie industry for some time now!