Will Nayantara Convert Prabhu Deva to Christianity?

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Published on May 21, 2015

Will Nayantara Convert Prabhu Deva to Christianity?
Nayantara was in cloud nine after Prabhu Deva’s divorce. It is said that she helped Prabhu Deva come out of the divorce case by helping him financially. Gossips regarding Hanskia Motwani and Prabhu Deva’s relationship affected Nayanthara deeply. Prabhu Deva had started to control every aspect of her life, including whom she should talk and whom she should not. He had put a heavy ban on all press releases, interviews and visits to social gatherings. On the other hand, he had been spreading news that Nayanthara will not act in films anymore.

Though Nayantara denied the news and told she will continue to act after the marriage, she heeded to some of his requests to please him and the lover surprised her by registering a 10 crore flat in her name. Of course she herself will pay the dues. Her well wishers and friends have warned Nayanthara about Prabhu Deva who is crossing his lines deliberately. Nayantara is said to be giving a considerate ear to their advice after a long time.

It is said that Nayanthara is starting to realize she was always on the giving side in their relationship. Now she is demanding Prabhu Deva prove his real love to her by embracing Christianity. Nayanthara’s is a Catholic Christian. Her original name is Diana Mariam Kurien. Her parents showed strong dislike for Prabhu Deva right from the beginning. So Nayanthara is asking Prabhu Deva to convert to Christianity to please her family. She thinks it is his duty to do so, after all the sacrifices she had done for him.

Prabhu Deva made his former wife Ramalath convert from Islam to Hinduism to marry him. His children are raised as Hindus too. But his lover girl is not ready to take any more nonsense from him regarding this matter. Nayantara always relied on her mother for support and approval on everything she did. Since her mother is also quite unhappy about her marrying a Hindu man, she is pressurizing Prabhu Deva to get baptized as a Christian before the marriage. Let us see whether the couples love will survive this acid test.

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