Will Nayantara continue to impress Tamil Audience after marriage?

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Published on April 2, 2015

Will Nayantara continue to impress Tamil Audience after marriage?

Actress Nayantara who is in news recently is in love with Prabhu Deva and we are all aware that she is going to be married soon. Nayantara is currently acting in a Telugu filmRamayanam”. She will be doing the role of Seetha in this film. Most of the shooting is taking place in the city of Hyderabad. The recent interview with Nayantara has made it very clear that Nayantara will not act in movies as per her hubby’s wish after her wedding. Looks like Prabhu Deva has ordered her not to act in films any more.

While this is the news published in various media, Nayantara is not agreeing to this! She says that the media as usual has come out with news that she never said! She says she will very much act even after her marriage. She says she herself is shocked to hear such news. Infact she also confirms that she has never given any interview to any media source. She claims that all of them have written as per what they feel.

This may be because of this reason that Nayantara is avoiding social functions and media people. In a recent function held in Bangalore, Nayantara participated in the same but did not speak any word although she was invited to speak! On the other hand Kollywood says that Prabhu Deva does not like his would be wife to act in films after they get married. All wedding arrangements are going in full swing. Nayantara however is in the peak of her career and has achieved back-to-back success in almost all her films in the year 2010. It is obvious for any actress not to lose this position even after marriage, but we never know how things will work out for her in the near future. She is still getting offers from various top producers.

Nayantara is still hoping to act in many more films as she is in top position as far her career graph is concerned. She also asserts that she will be acting in films no matter what, even after marriage. Well, Prabhu Deva, are you listening?

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