Why Tamil Cinema still silent in Vishwaroopam ban?

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Published on April 12, 2015


It looks like as if Ulaga Nayagan is experiencing a turbulent time, as he is trying to release his megaphone Vishwaroopam. The movie release created quite a lot of controversies as Kamal Hassan earlier decided to release the movie first in Direct To Home services and later in cinema theatres. However, his idea did not go well with the theatre owners and distributors in Tamil Nadu. Hence, the actor postponed the premiere of the movie in DTH medium after the release of movie in theatres.

Kamal hassan face turbulent time in Vishwaroopam

Kamal hassan face turbulent time in Vishwaroopam

After some rounds of meeting with DTH service providers and theater owners, Kamal Hassan announced that the cinema release in theatres is going to be on January 25 and the DTH release would happen a week after that date. However, now a new problem has cropped up against the release of Vishwaroopam. A few Muslim institutions down the south have opposed the release of the movie in Tamil Nadu, since the movie contains objectionable content hurting the Muslim feelings of the Muslim community according to their view.

A separate screening for the leaders of Muslim activist groups was arranged and they were not satisfied with the content of Vishwaroopam. Soon after the screening and opposition, the government of Tamil Nadu declared that the movie should be banned from releasing in the state for 15 days. However, the movie got released as scheduled worldwide and has been receiving very positive reception from both the critics and the audiences.



Many cinema activists have raised their voices in support to actor Kamal Hassan to fight against government ban against Vishwaroopam release. They say that it is illegal to ban the movie after it has received certification from the censor board.

Superstar Rajnikanth, a good friend of Kamal Hassan, has also come out in support to Kamal Hassan and has said that Kamal would not hurt the sentiments or feelings of any community, especially the Muslim community. He added he is expecting Vishwaroopam to release soon in Tamil Nadu!

Bharathyraja and Parthiban also support Kamalhaasan. But, the entire Tamil Cinema is silent expect the supporters mentioned above. Tamil Cinema has put their agitations even in Bhuvaneshwari case. But Vishwaroopam ban after got censorship is very critical issue which will affect Tamil cinema director’s creativity in future.

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