Who will benefit by their marriage – Sneha or Prasanna?

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Published on March 20, 2015

Who will benefit by their marriageSneha or Prasanna?
The recent Tamil Cinema Star Couple Sneha and Prasanna have been appeared more advertisement after their marriage. Sneha was leading actress (acts more movies than Prasanna) and Prasanna was upcoming actor before marriage and after heard their marriage announcement the Tamil cinema Layman fan like me expects at least this couple will reinforce their marriage life for longer period.

Sneha and Prasanna separation in Honeymoon Period
But when we have seen the posters in the city asked that “what is the reason for Sneha Prasanna separation?”  The layman heart is broke and we keep searched the media and newspaper why this couple was separated in the honeymoon period.. But later we came to know that it is advertisement for leading mobile seller. We guess this idea of separation due to “Aadi” Month was suggested by advertisement creative head and it accepted by this couple. Both Sneha and Prasanna become business tactics persons after their marriage and they singed more advertisement.

Sneha Prasanna now in masala advertisement
Sneha has excellent photogenic face and she has been appearing in the advertisements. Prasanna as stated earlier he was upcoming actor and now too. He acted only one advertisement for leading Jeweler monthly gold saving scheme. Now after Sneha Prasanna Marriage they appeared in masala powder advertisement which is one of top class advertisement in recent times.

Sneha Prasanna Unity is strength
Coming to this post subject who will benefit most after Sneha Prasanna Marriage.. We conclude both are benefited and comparatively Prasanna more benefited. After they become couple we can calculate by who will get more benefit. After marriage even Sneha is acting in the movies, after some time if Tamil Cinema would not giving much opportunity to Sneha in Big Screen she will appear in Small Screen (Television Serials ) and She can continue the advertisement with her husband Prasanna.

Univercell – Aadi Adhirshtam Prasanna & Sneha Advertisement


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