Who is Trisha lover Sydney or Raana Daggubati ?

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Published on June 1, 2015

Bathing video fame Tamil Actress Trisha got lot of fames by her naughty plays in ECR with her friends. Oftenly Trisha Krishnan in the news about her dating, Marrriage and etc..what else you are expecting from the young (just age is 30 – You are still saying she is young – what a sarcastic comments ??) actress. The great Advertisement girl Trisha Krishnan is now in the news in net and Cinema Magazines. There is rumor that Trisha Krishnan now dating with her costume designer Sydney and another news that Trisha now dating with actor Raana Daggubati. Which one is correct  Trisha dating with Sydney? Or Trisha will marry Raana Daggubati ?



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