Who is the real script writer for Thaandavam ?

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Published on June 2, 2015

Thaandavam-stills-at-dailomo The latest buzz, or in fact, an issue regarding the Vikram starring upcoming movie Thaandavam is the movie’s script. For your information, Thaandavam is touted to be an action entertainer directed by director A L Vijay, who earlier directed Vikram’s Deivathirumagal. Thaandavam also stars actresses Anushka and Amy Jackson. The issue regarding the script of the movie has been taken into consideration by the director’s union of Tamil cinema industry.

The actual problem is that one of the assistant directors has lodged a complaint in the director’s union that the script of Thaandavam was written by him originally, but the makers have made it into a movie without giving him any due credit or any considerable remuneration. As the issue is now in the court of the director’s union, it seems as if it will take a few days to resolve to issue. For the last a few weeks, proceedings have already been made in the director’s union in response to the complaint by the assistant director.
When contacted, a source close to the movie unit of Thaandavam told us that an assistant director who goes by the name Ponnuswamy had narrated the script to the producer of Thaandavam during the month of August last year, according to the complaint report. It seems as if the assistant director Ponnuswamy worked under director Radhamohan for some time. The source also added that the producer, at that time, promised Ponnuswamy that the script would be made into the movie soon. However, the producer made a movie with that same script with director A L Vijay as Thaandavam.
The source further said that, it is because of this reason Ponnuswamy lodged a complaint against the movie unit. The source also added that the producers of Thaandavam initially offered the assistant director money to keep him silent, but he refused to take it as he was adamant in having his name in the credits.  Director Vijay, however, denies such rumors and says that the director’s union has allowed him to continue with his works as he has screened the movie to them!

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