White Salwar Sentiment Spreads to Kajal Agarwal | Kajal Agarwal white Salwar Sentiment

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Published on April 21, 2015

Kollywood always rely upon some superstitious sentiments. Even great directors and educated artists have their own sentiments. If a movie with a certain scene becomes successful, similar scenes or songs are used in so many other movies, hoping the success sentiment works here as well. This sentiment begins from shooting the scene in a particular venue to making the artists wear a particular dress.

We all know the famous ‘White Salwar’ sentiment which worked out for Nayantara. The actress was shown in a white salwar in the introduction song of the film “Yaaradi Nee Mohini”. The film became a blockbuster hit. A similar song, showing her in the same type of costume was shot in the movie “Boss Engira Bhaskaran”. That movie and the song featuring Nayan in the white salwar also became a great hit. Since then, directors kept insisting that she should appear in a song wearing a similar costume just for the sake of sentiment.

The same sentiment has spread to Kajal Agarwal lately. She wore a white salwar with a white dupatta in her introduction scene in the blockbuster hit “Magadheera”. Since then the actress started to believe the film in which she gets introduced with a white salwar will become a hit. Many of her directors accepted this simple request and introduced her in the white costume. As luck turned out, her films earned great collection constantly. The actress was booked with nearly all the top heroes in Tollywood including Junior NTR. Though there are many reasons for her success including good story selection, cute looks and nice acting, the actress believes getting introduced wearing a white dress is also a major cause for her steady success.

Kajal Agarwal is booked to act in the Hindi version of the film “Singam”. She plays the role Anushka played in the film opposite Ajay Devgan. Rohit Shetty the director of the film had heeded to her request and allowed her to wear a white costume in her introduction scene. While many famous actresses like Trisha and Asin failed to lay their mark on Bollywood, it is cute Kajal’s turn now. Let us see whether the white dress sentiment helps her get a prominent place in Bollywood like Genelia.


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