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Published on April 11, 2015

Tamanna, known lovingly as milky white beauty is in all tears these days. She switched to Tollywood at the height of popularity, hoping to make a bright future there. But luck did not favor her. She lost many chances in Kollywood, spending time in the neighboring state. The actress, who just turned 20, was gossiped to be in love with a famous actor. It is said that, she was planning to marry him and avoided a few good offers, for the sake of settling down in life. But the actor seems to have had a completely different idea about their relationship.

Kollywood sources say Tamanna is heartbroken, hearing the engagement news of the famous actor. Tamanna acted with him only in two films. But she was gossiped with him heavily. The white angels, first love story came to an abrupt end with the news of the hero getting engaged to a rich girl. Leaving alone her personal life, Tamanna’s career also is in a crucial stage now.  Tamanna is not only beautiful but also talented. Her early movies like “Kaloori” and “Kedi” gave her a chance to express her talent, apart from showing her beauty. But, she started receiving glamorous roles continuously, instead of character roles.

Tamanna was particularly disappointed at the way she was portrayed in her latest Tamil film with her lover boy. It is said that, her scenes were cut on purpose to make her character a dummy in the movie. Adding fuel to the flame is the arrival of young Hansika Motwani. The young actress resembles Tamanna in her looks and young age, except for the performance. Hansika grabbed Tamanna’s projects quickly. She is the only actress to be booked in numerous films before the release of her first film. The chubby girl denies any direct conflict with Tamanna as of now.

Vengai” is the only film Tamanna is acting in Tamil now. But she has four Telugu projects in hand. She is betting her future on her two mega projects “Badrinath” and “100% Love”. Both the projects are in post-production state. Tamanna’s love failure is affecting the progress of her other two films. If luck favors Tamanna, she will become number one in Tollywood. Else she will marry a Dubai businessman or start acting in serials.


  1. swathikumari

    i like u tamanna and i miss u and i love u

  2. tamanna is super beauty ful girl !!! so! cute girl !!!

  3. kaku

    hi respected tamannaji l am the biggest fan of yours the film paiya has so much close to my heart I wish you to more success should god give to u take care .

    thank you

    your well wisher kaku

  4. Divyanshu

    hii….i live in gujarat…..but i like so ….much tammana.i m her biggest fan…….i have more photos of tammana…..bot….your photos are awesum………….thank u soo much…..please reply….if possible….then send me photos….on my mail………

    • The Editor

      Thanks for your compliments. Please keep visiting the dailomo.com still more photos are coming…

  5. aaditya

    hi very nice photo

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