Where Comedian Vadivelu goes?

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Published on April 22, 2015

In recent Tamilnadu Assembly elections, one biggest comedy has happened that is Tamil Cinema comedian Vadivelu become main election campaigner for (ex) ruling party DMK. Everyone knows Vadivelu comedy is great since he has some personal conflicts with DMTK chief Vijayakanth. DMK Chief and DMK Madurai region owner (?) MK Azhagiri assigned this new job to him.

In Election campaign Vadivelu able to attract huge crowd in each and every of his campaign speech. Every Magazine said Vadivelu speech will bring more vote to DMK. The Election results were out and ADMK Chief Selvi Jeyaram Jeyalalitha sworn as Chief Minister. Vadivelu main target DMTK Chief Vijayakanth becomes opposition party leader.

Now, where will Vadivelu goes? Vadivelu after all one Tamil Cinema comedian… Does he know the commodity prices in Tamilnadu? Does Vadivelu know the situation in Tamilnadu that whatever earning (one month salary) is evaporating within 10 days because of the high food items prices?

Already Vadivelu removed from Rajinikanth next project Raana, since Rajinikanth is no happy with his indecent speech against Vijayakanth. Now Vadivelu backbones DMK also defeated in the election. What will be the next action of Vadivelu? Any Guess?


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