What happened in between the Kalavaani couple Vimal and Oviya?

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Published on May 24, 2015

Kalavaani-Vimal-Oviya-2One of the quickly rising stars in Kollywood, Vimal’s comments has driven actress Oviya to tears. Vimal who got his fame because of his movies like Kalavaani and Kalakalappu is rumored to share close relationship with his costar in his upcoming flick Sillunu Oru Sandhippu, who is none other than the actress Oviya. Interestingly, Oviya too got into the limelight because of her acting in the same movie Kalavaani and also costarred along with actor Vimal in Kalakalappu too!

While this young duo comprising of Vimal and Oviya is becoming a good interest among the filmmakers post their success in Kalavaani and Kalakalappu, the sources close to both the stars claim that both Vimal and Oviya have already developed a close friendship. However, rumor birds sing that both the celebrities are into some love relationship. In addition to this, such gossip stories also claim that actor Vimal is strongly recommending actress Oviya to play the female lead role to the producers and directors who come to him to narrate the script.
Amidst all these things, Vimal and Oviya, who again are starring together in their upcoming flick Sillunu Oru Sandhippu, recently met the media people and answered their queries. When the media people asked Vimal whether he is recommending actress Oviya, the actor answered that he is not recommending anyone to his directors and producers. Further, the actor also said that such stories featuring him and Oviya are simple baseless rumors created to decrease their growing image in the industry.
The shocking comment of Vimal followed then. The Eththan actor also told the media reporters that he is only friends with Oviya and claimed that he would not act films anymore with the actress in future. The comment seemed to have become a shocker for actress Oviya, who was sitting beside Vimal during the press meet. She seemed to have become emotional and was seen with her eyes filled with tears, according to the reports!


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