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Published on May 24, 2015

vizha-movie-stills-8Vizha is the latest movie that has hit the screens for this weekend in Tamil cinema industry. Vizha is the directorial debut for first time director Barathi Balakumaran, who has taken many short films and documentaries. Vizha reminds us all about the famous movies like Thillana Moganambal and Sangamam. The movie talks about the love story of two simple people who are in the same profession – folk musicians.

vizha-movie-stills-1Sundaram (Mahendran) is a folk musician who specializes in Thappu instrument. Raakkamma (Malavika) specializes in a special form of vocal, popularly called Oppari Paattu, which is sung during the death rituals. Romance brews between the two and both of them fall for each other mutually. However, a hurdle comes in form of Bakkiyammal who wants to marry off Raakkamma to someone called Manimaran (Yughendran). Circumstances force Manimaran to help Sundaram without knowing that he is love with Raakkamma. Will Sundaram disclose his love tale to Manimaran. What happens to Raakkamma and Sundaram’s love? Will they join hands together?

Director Barathi Balakumaran has shown that he cares for details and his way of narration tells that to the audiences clearly. The director also seems to be very eager to showcase the traditional celebrations and practices or rural Tamil Nadu in a detailed and realistic way, which does not hamper or dampen the screenplay.

vizha-movie-stills-2However, what bothers this good story is that there is a lack of more thought on the dialogues and talkie portions of the movie. This is yet another example to show that how important the dialogues are for a movie, although the story and screenplay is fresh and not bad.

The actors in Vizha, be it the lead actors or the character artists, have performed well in their roles and that is another boost to Vizha.

Vizha has content in it but the package could have been.

Vizha Movie Review – Should Have Given More Thought on Screenplay!


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