Vishal Turf with the Tamil Cinema Actors Association!

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Published on April 9, 2015

Actor-VishalIt all started when actor Kamal Hassan was struggling with the controversy he faced with his recently released movie Vishwaroopam. Many actors lent their voice and support to the Ulaga Nayagan and Vishal did it through the micro blogging site Twitter. He tweeted that Kamal Sir deserved justice and added that as an actor he and his other young actors look up to Kamal Hassan. In addition to that he added the name of the Nadigar Sangam in his tweet a question mark indicating that Nadigar Sangam is doing nothing to help Kamal Hassan in the issue.

Actor-Vishal-4This tweet of Vishal, which includes the name of the Nadigar Sangam, has brought the Sanda Kozhi actor in trouble. The Nadigar Sangam or the Kollywood Actor’s Association became unhappy with Vishal’s comments on Twitter and had demanded an explanation from the actor in written format. Actor Vishal took a long time to respond but came up with a strong response by writing his justification back to the Nadigar Sangam.

After receiving the response from Vishal, the Nadigar Sangam is still unhappy that Vishal is not respecting the Association and has used its name to defame it.  In addition to this issue, Vishal had also taken to the Association the issue in which he paid director Lingusamy a huge amount that he owed him because of the interference due to the association. He also had written that the association did not come to his help when the producer of Samar did not pay him the salary that he deserved.
This written statement of Vishal has urged the producer of Samar who has already explained to the association that the production house has overpaid Vishal and not less.

Regarding all these issues, the actor’s association has conducted a meeting to sort out the turf with Vishal and the announcement is yet to come officially!

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