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Published on May 22, 2015

Very first time Trisha paired with Vishal
We all know that Vishal and Trisha are getting together for the first time in Tamil cinema for the movie titled Samar. Thiru, who earlier directed the Vishal starrer, Theeradha Vilayattu Pillai, is directing this movie too. The movie unit is often hitting Malaysia and Thailand to can the scenes. While there are no problems in the shooting and the casting, the title of the movie is getting into trouble for the second time in a row.

Samaran becomes Samar because of Director Seeman
The director of the movie, Thiru, first came up with the title ‘Samaran’ and began shooting for the movie. Even posters were released with the same title. While the director had already canned most of the scenes, a problem cropped up with the title. It looked like director Seeman had already registered for the title and he did not want to give the title to anyone. The movie’s producers and director tried to convince Seeman to give them the title, but Seeman refused to give it. Hence, the movie unit had no other go and ended up changing the title for the movie from ‘Samaran’ to ‘Samar’. For your information, ‘Samaran’ in Tamil means Warrior and ‘Samar’ means War.

Samar name too in trouble
While the title change from Samaran to Samar is week – old news, now this title too has landed in trouble. A person, who goes by the name Shankar Mohan, has claimed that he has registered the title ‘Samar’ already. On asking him for the details, Shankar Mohan reveals that, it was Pa. Vijay who first registered the title, ‘Samar’. He adds that, he requested the songwriter to give the title for him, and that, Vijay gave him the title, generously, without any issues. He further says that, he was in surprise to see the Vishal – Trisha starrer with the title that he owns. He also believes that the movie unit would again go for a title change. He, however, adds that he would not mind even going for the court to retain his title with himself.

Let us sit back and see if the title clash ends and the Vishal – Trisha starrer gets a clean name finally!


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