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Published on May 26, 2015

Actors have two choices when they act in a remake movie. They can imitate the original actor to the core exactly or perform in their own style by improvising the character with their talent. Though the famous “Nayagan” is a remake of “Godfather”, Kamal left an everlasting impression on the character, acting better than Marlon Brando. It is Vikram’s turn now. His dressing style and mannerisms resemble “I am Sam” Sean Penn perfectly. But when it comes to acting, our Vikram does better in his own way.   
Sara is the daughter of mentally retarded Vikram. She is taken away forcibly by her grandfather and left in the care of her mother’s sister Amala Paul. The child and the father share a special bond for each other. Vikram goes fanatical in his efforts to get his child back. Anushka and Santhanam help him wage a legal battle for the custody of the child. The film has a happy ending and both the heroines have very little to do. It is totally a Vikram’s film.
Right from the first frame where he helps a pickpocket to the last scene where he pleads desperately in the courtroom, Vikram simply rocks. The cute little girl Sara gives an impressive performance matching Vikram’s pace. The second hero of the film is the Cameraman Nirav Shah. The mood of the scene is revealed very much through the camera than the music or dialogues. Mute the volume and you will still fell a strange sadness when you watch certain scenes.
We can’t value the contribution of GV Prakash Kumar any less for that sense. Just close your eyes and listen to the music. You can easily get the gist of the scene in your head. It’s a class movie on the whole. The movie is released on par with the fast paced “Vengai”. But, viewers can watch both “Vengai” and “Deivathirumagal” one after another. It will be like resting under the cool shades of a tree after a head spinning roller coaster ride. Both the movies are unique in their own way.
Director A L Vijay has set his mark once again with this film after his previous blockbuster “Madarasapattinam”. It is generally said a captain’s job is to make the whole crew work. A L Vijay has extracted the best from every member of his crew. A technically advanced, heart-touching venture! Don’t miss the magic.


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