Vijayalakshmi and Seeman – What is going on?

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Published on January 31, 2015

It is quite natural for our actresses to file case against someone claiming they cheated or abused the poor damsel in distress. One in every six months time,one actress comes up with a claim like this, making a big show and gaining enough popularity to survive in some movies for the next one or two years. Now it is Vijayalakshmi’s turn. None of her ventures in big screen were very successful. She is known for pulling stunts now and then.
Actress Vijayalakshmi

The actress appeared recently in the hit film “Boss Engira Bhaskaran” as Nayanthara’s sister after a long time. Now she has filed a complaint against Director Seeman saying he lived with her for three years and is refusing to marry her. She is ready to present herself to medical examination to prove, her trustworthiness?! The authorities are in full swing digging the case deeper, while the press rejoices in getting hot news.

What about Seeman? He dint address the charge directly. His advocate who spoke on behalf of him denied all the charges and threatened to sue Vijayalakshmi until she gives 5 crores for hurting his client. He also told Seeman will marry a Sri Lankan refugee or someone with Sri Lankan origin to help them. Seeman’s associates claim some forces who do not want him to work for the welfare of Srilankan Tamils have set up the girlto throw dirt on him.
Naam Tamizhar chief Director Seeman

It seems their claim is quite true as Vijayalakshmi has a long history of drawing stunts. After a few films in Kannada, she acted with Surya and Vijay in the film “Friends”. Since she did not get any other chances, she receded to act in serials. She was the host of the game show “Thanga Vettai” in Karnataka. She attempted suicide on the sets which drew lot of publicity then. She claimed the director of the show harassed her mentally. She stayed out of the news for a few years.

Then she announced she is engaged with the Srujan Lokesh. While media flooded her with questions regarding this, she gave all the usual build up of love, ecstasy and grand marriage. Nobody knew whether she married him or not. She is back with sexual harassment charges against Seeman, stating she lived with her for three years. God only knows, what runs in these actresses head when they make such claims.


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