Vidiyum Munn Movie Review – A Nicely Written and Executed Thriller!

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Published on June 8, 2015

vidiyum-mun-movie-stills-1While people who always wanted to see healthy and creative works in cinema screen are already too sick of brainless comedies, very few filmmakers come up with creative and sensible works. After Onayum Aattukuttiyum here is another one such gripping and neatly written thriller that has come to entertain the lovers of good and sensible cinema. Debutant director Balaji K Kumar’s Vidiyum Munn, which entices the audiences with a carefully written screenplay, also marks the return of actress Pooja who has acted in movies like Naan Kadavul and Ullam Ketkume.

Rekha (Pooja Umashankar), who is a sex worker, has a daunting task of protecting the twelve year old Nandhini (Malavika Manikuttan) from a bunch of goons. The what and why of their running for life forms the entire movie and tells the audiences at the end whether they survive against all the ends. There are some interesting characters along the line and the movie moves on at a slow but steady pace.

vidiyum-mun-movie-stills-7The first half has offers no twists in the plot and saves the best for the last. However, it sets in the characters in a great way and maintains the element of suspense without bothering much about the pace. The movie, right from the start, is quite moody and with some unusual cinematography and background music.

The second half of the movie is full of twists and makes the hearts of the audiences racing right throughout the end. The climax is set up in a quite different way, which might conflict with an average Tamil cinema movie watcher’s expectation.

Director Balaji K Kumar impresses in every frame of the movie may it be in terms of characterization, screenplay, angles or use of camera. Actress Pooja and Malavika have pulled out a stunning performance that forms the backbone of the movie.

Vidiyum Munn cannot be missed simply!


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