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Published on June 11, 2015

Veppam Movie Review

Veppam simple script with lot of tricks

We get to see good thrillers in Kollywood now and then. Veppam’s one line is like giving a modern touch to Rajini’s “Padikadahavan” where the elder brother tries to save the younger one from a murder charge. The movie moves back and forth in time leaving us confused at some places. A simple script could have done the trick. However, after Ko, Veppam is the movie which brings us to the edge of the seat with lots of twists and turns.

Anjana Ali khan the director of the film worked as an assistant under Gautham Menon. We could not see much of his influence in this story. But it is a good try. There is a saying “Too much of broth spoils the soup”. It is true here too. We feel like taking a roller coaster ride, but cannot sync with the story easily. The matter for two or more films is combined in one script. Here is how the story goes.

Veppam – The real roller coaster ride

Balaji and Karthick are two slum dwelling boys abandoned by their drunkard father Jothi after their mother’s suicide. Shekar a Good Samaritan takes care of the both the boys. The elder one Balaji settles well as a painter. The younger boy Karthick romances with their mentor’s daughter Revathy and has close friend Vishnu. Vishnu who owns a mechanic shop falls for Viji, a prostitute.

It happens that Karthick’s father Jothi is her pimp working for a bigger drug dealer Ammaji. Since he doesn’t want to lose Viji, he sets up a trap for Vishnu. He asks him to transfer drugs once in exchange of Viji and plans to get rid of him totally during the business. Unfortunately the murder charges fall on Karthick accompanying Vishnu on the trip. The elder brother steps in and tries to save the younger one from the murder charges. The climax opens up with various twists and move on in a fast pace.

Veppam plus and minuses

Good cinematography and nice songs by Joshua Sridhar are the major plus points of the film. Both the heroines Nithya Menon and Bindu Madhavi  give a neat performance. Their male counterparts Nani, Karthick Kumar   and Muthukumar do equally well. The first half is a bit boring. So many incidents happen in the second half leaving us little time to grab the story. Veppam  is a really good thriller movie, but Veppam cannot be considered the best.

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