Vellachi Movie Review – Follows the Tried and Tested Route

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Published on May 23, 2015


Vellachi is one of the latest Tamil movies to hit the screens in Tamil cinema industry. Directed by the director Velu Vishwanath, Vellachi introduces actor Pintu, son of comedy actor Pandu, to the cinema industry. Pintu has portrayed the lead role in the movie Vellachi. The movie takes the tried and tested route in Tamil cinema, where the lead role, who lives a care free life, finds love and to make his love click wants success in life. And, dramatic stuff like becoming a rich man in one song also finds place in Vellachi.

Vellachi-Movie-stills-2 Here is the exact plot of Vellachi. Ganesh (Pintu) is a milkman but is almost a loser, as he is quite unsuccessful and poor. He falls in love with Vellachi (Suchitra), who, although has a crush on him, hates him because of his loser kind of attitude. To make his love successful, Ganesh tries hard and becomes rich. However, more things are necessary to convince Vellachi, and even more obstacles come in the way of Ganesh. Can he tackle them all and marry Vellachi?

Director Velu Vishwanath has taken a tried and tested route to put his plot on screen. The characters do not carry any differentiation and bore the audiences quite easily. The sequences throughout the movie remind us some other movie sequence. To top all, the hero – becomes – wealthy – in – one – song concept has been adapted at a crucial moment, which cannot save movies every time.
Vellachi-Movie-stills-4 The actors Pintu and Suchitra have played under written roles but still they have a long way to go before making a mark in the industry. The music for Vellachi has been scored by Bavadharani, daughter of maestro Ilayaraja, but the music is not impressing except the Adi Siruki number, which is the only song that impresses the movie watchers.
The verdict is, Vellachi is a boring watch for it has nothing new!


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