Vathikuchi Movie Review – Still Goes With Emphasis on Heroism!

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Published on March 30, 2015

Vathikuchi-review-at-dailomo-1In Bollywood and Hollywood, actors who play the lead roles in cinemas enjoy the stardom, but not the mass heroism status. In south cinema industries, the actors who act in lead roles enjoy the both. This could well be the reason why many of the movies revolve around the hero rather than around the content. A little emphasis on hero and more on other things could possibly hurt the hero sentiments of B and C center fans. May be this could have forced the debutant director P Kinslin to implement a strong heroism in Vathikuchi.

Shakthi (Deliban) is a share auto driver. He is desperate to make his love life with Meena (Anjali) successful. However, he is unaware of three people, Vanaraj (Jegan), Benny (Sampath) and Gangariya (Jayaprakash) who share a common ambition. The ambition is killing Shakthi. Why these people want to take the life of Shakthi? What has Shakthi, a happy to help others guy, done wrong to these people forms the rest of the plot for Vathikuchi.

Director P Kinslin starts off the proceedings in Vathikuchi well. He introduces the plot of the audiences in the starting minutes of the movie. However, he keeps the motive and reason under the wraps for a while and offers some light moments in the name of love. The love tales between Shakthi and Meena occupy a good portion of the runtime in the first half.

Come again to the main plot, and the director has a character that reveals the why’s and how’s of the plot. Now that the lead role is in trouble and has to make a survival for him, the debutant director believes in the heroism of his lead actor to take things forward for a happy ending. The heroism could work well with Rajnikanth, Kamal Hassan or even with Ajith and Vijay. However, too much hero stints with a debutant actor Deliban do not appeal much.

Less emphasis on heroism and more emphasis on content in Vathikuchi could have worked well in favor of the filmmakers.

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