Vaani Kapoor Wardrobe Malfunction!

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Published on February 11, 2015

Vaani Kapoor Wardrobe Malfunction!Actress Vaani Kapoor is not the much known name yet in Tamil cinema industry but it will become so very soon, especially after the Aaha Kalyaanam Audio Launch. The young and pretty actress plays the female lead role in Aaha Kalyaanam, which is the Southern edition of the popular Hindi movie Band Baja Baaraat. Also starring Nani in the lead role, the Tamil and Telugu bilingual is produced by director – producer Aditya Chopra under the Yash Raj Films banner, which produced the original edition in Hindi too.

Actress Vaani Kapoor At Aaha Kalyanam Audio Launch StillsActress Vaani Kapoor At Aaha Kalyanam Audio Launch StillsThe audio launch of Aaha Kalyaanam happened recently and all the cast and crew came in Veshtis and Sarees, which is the traditional dress to be worn during marriage ceremonies down the south. Since the movie is all about a marriage, the cast and the crew decided to wear the Veshtis and Sarees to symbolize the theme of the movie, which could further attract attention from the fans and Tamil cinema watchers. However, the surprise package came in the form of actress Vaani Kapoor, who revealed more than what intended for even wearing a saree.|

Actress Vaani Kapoor At Aaha Kalyanam Audio Launch StillsVaani Kapoor had worn the saree in such a way that when she bent her assets were visible. The media people did not miss the wardrobe malfunction and soon Vaani Kapoor’s images started trending in the Internet. The actress, however, did not seem to bother much and was as her usual self. While wardrobe malfunctions are common in the film and fashion circle, the same happening with the tradition dress like Saree has driven people to surprise.

Coming back to the audio launch, all the cast and crew were present for the ceremony. Composed my music director Dharan Kumar, the songs were sung on stage by the singers who have lent their voices for them. Special guest Usha Udhup to joined the singers for title song!.





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