Uthama Villain Review – No Hero No Villain

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Uthama Villain Review - No Hero No Villain
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Published on May 14, 2015

Uthama Villain Review - No Hero No VillainThe highly talked about Kamal Haasan directed and starred project Uthama Villain has finally hit the screen on May, 2nd. The release of the movie has been on the cards from the very beginning of this year, but it took stretched span to reach the silver screen due to the series of hurdles it had to go through right from the flooring of the shoots. However, now it has been released finally, and let’s see how the movie has fared.
Uthama Villain Review - No Hero No Villain
The much awaited Uthama Villain attempts to present how the knowledge of knowing that the end of your life is approaching soon changes the life and perspectives of a successful man. The film also tries to highlight the difference between a star and an actor. All in all, the movie has an intriguing story that has been played perfectly by the veteran actor Kamal Haasan. The legendary K. Balachander, has played the role of Marghadarsi, the mentor of Manoranjan (Kamal Haasan); and the role of the wife of Manoranjan has been played by Urvashi.
Uthama Villain Review - No Hero No Villain
The film opens with Manoranjan, a huge film star totally consumed in his success. He has just everything one can think of; a great career, a happy married life and a rich father in law. However, when he is at the peak of his life, he is diagnosed with brain tumor at an advanced stage. Manoranjan is now certain about his death, but in order to make the actor within him live forever he approaches his mentor. Who finally agrees and begins a comedy movie, titled Uthama Villain. In this movie, within the movie, Uthama Villain is a theatre artist of 8th century, believed to know the secret of eternal life.

Kamal Haasan portrays two totally different characters in the movie and is simply brilliant in both. The background score and songs by M.Ghibran is the other strong part of the film. On the downside, the movie is too lengthy and often keeps the viewer tired. However, even if you are not a Kamal Haasan fan, this flick can be a good watch for a weekend.

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