Urumi Movie Review Stupendous Screenplay with Stunning Visuals

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Published on April 26, 2015

Period movies, especially the history based period movies, are always great deals for the movie buffs. In Tamil cinema industry, it has been a while since a good history based period flick has hit the screens. Aravaan did come this year, but did not put up a great show. Santhosh Sivan’s Urumi has now come this summer to fascinate the period movie lovers. Although Urumi is a dubbed flick, originally made in Malayalam, the movie has a stupendous screenplay and arresting visuals that will serve as a treat to every movie buff.

Tamil Movie Urumi Story
“History happens because of Victory” is the main theme of Santhosh Sivan’s Urumi. Sedirayan (Arya) is Kelu Rayanar’s (Prithviraj) father, and, he meets death at the hands of Vasco Da Gama, the historic Portuguese sailor. Now, Kelu Rayanar wants to plunge into the revenge and seeks the help of Vavvali (Prabhu Deva) in making his revenge come true. Meanwhile, the Portuguese begin to invade their homeland and the revenge turns out to be a stiff battle. At the end, who makes history and creates epic?

Tamil version Urumi is better than its Original
The Tamil version of Urumi looks better with the edited screenplay from the original. The director Santhosh Siva has cut the movie short by 30 minutes to suit to the tastes of Tamil people. The screenplay, honestly, lifts the movie to great standards.
Sasikumar’s dialogues in Tamil are also brilliant. His dialogues echo the period of the movie, 1500 AD, and at the same time, sounds very meaningful and understandable by a common Tamil movie watcher.

Stars Packed Visual Treat
Urumi has a star-studded cast with the likes of Prithviraj, Prabhu Deva, Arya, Genelia D’Souza, Nithya Menon and Vidya Balan. All of them have played their roles exceptionally well, understanding the weight of their characters. However, Arya, Nithya Menon and Vidya Balan appear for a small amount of time onscreen.

Another great thing in Urumi is the movie’s arresting visuals. The director, Santhosh Sivan, is himself a notorious cinematographer, and he has proved his brilliance in capturing every scene in Urumi.

Overall, Urumi is a fantastic show for those who have a taste for good cinema and period flicks!

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