Udhayan Movie Review – Udhayan A Commercial Entertainer

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Published on March 25, 2015

Udhayan  A Commercial Entertainer
UdhayanArulnidhi’s second movie is a fun filled movie with City youth as the target audience. The Hero dances, fights and romances with his girlfriend so casually. Not at all bad for a hero acting in his second film! He gets to do dual role in his second movie itself. The director Chaplin had given emphasis to a good screenplay with lots of twists. The story seems to revolve around on and on around Arulnidhi which makes the audience irritated sometimes. Santhanam steals the show whenever he appears in the screen. The heroine Praneetha  looks cute and is used like a doll in most of the scenes. If she wants to join the successful actresses list, she has to work really hard. Else she will be a one film darling like many others.

Music by Manikanth Kadri is quite pleasant. Songs are very important in such youthful films. The music director have understood his part well and extended a classic album. The story is more or similar to our hero worship films with a slight twist. Arulnidhi works as an assistant manager in a bank and has a cute girlfriend. Life seems perfect for him. Santhanam is his co-worker. When the hero plans to marry his girlfriend, his past life and adamant Ashish Vidyarthi appear.

Ashish Vidyarthi is introduced as a goon searching fervently for Arulnidhi in the first half. Later it is revealed he is the father of the hero and his brother Udhayan also played by Arulnidhi. Both Udhayan and his father terrorize the town with their rowdy gang, while the outcast in their family Vasanthan plans to lead a peaceful life. Udhayan is killed in a vague encounter with another rowdy group. Frustrated at his brother’s loss, Vasanth blames his father for his arrogant ways and elopes starting a new life.

The frenzy father searches for his son and saves him in time from a brutal murder attack. It is revealed the heroine’s father does not approve of his daughter’s love and had sought the help of the same rowdy gang who killed Udhayan to kill Vasanthan. The group mistakes Vasanth to be his elder brother and tries to kill him, but Ashish gives a rough fight to save his son. The villain kidnaps the heroine to take revenge on the hero. Ashish Vidyarthi urges his son to follow his path and kill the villain, but the hero refrains from violence, speaks a lengthy dialogue and makes the villain change his ways. Apart from the dramatic climax everything else in the film is quite interesting. “Udhayan” is an interesting film to watch in the weekend.


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