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Published on March 30, 2015

Udhayam-NH4 -Stills-2Some great directors leave the writing part and the story making part in the hands of experts such as novelists or writers. They spend time concentrating more on the characterization and the on screen execution. This is a trend that is usually followed in the Hollywood and only a handful of directors do this in Indian scene of cinema. Fortunately, or at least by chance, debutant director Manimaran would be so happy to concentrate only on direction in his very first movie as a director. National award winning director Vetri Maaran has given him a chance to direct his story and the result is Udhayam NH4.

Udhayam-NH4 -Stills-5Udhayam NH4, as the title suggests, is a road movie. We do not see many such movies down the south and this might excite many cinema lovers. Here is the plot of the movie. Prabhu (Siddharth) is not a successful man but manages to kidnap Rithika (Ashrita Shetty), who is the daughter of Chief Minister of Karnataka. The Chief Minister is not an easy person to deal with and he sets up a police force led by a brutal cop (Kay Kay Menon) to hunt down Prabhu. What happens next is the rest of the story, which switches between the present time and flash backs.

Udhayam-NH4 -Stills-1Udhayam-NH4 -Stills-4
Udhayam NH4 is short and racy and that is the main advantage why this movie works. The story is not a new one but the treatment is what makes Udhayam NH4 differ from the usual commercial potboilers. Despite this fast paced narration, the director manages to add a beautiful love track and a light laced humor quite naturally into the movie. Even the melody song goes hand in hand with the narration.
Udhayam-NH4 -Stills-3
Siddharth portrays the not – so – urban – guy role quite well, which he is not used to quite often. Ashrita Shetty impresses even though she does not speak Tamil as per her character requirements. Camerawork is a great bonus for the movie.

Overall, Udhayam NH4 is a good watch and a good cinema lover would definitely appreciate the fair treatment of the content.

Verdict : Good Treatment of Predictable Content!

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