Trisha is not up for the Woman Centric Movies

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Published on February 3, 2015

Women centric movies, although illustrate the importance of women in the society, never get enough attention from the movie watchers. Most of the women centric flicks have flunked big time in the box office irrespective of the industries. It seems as if Trisha is well aware of this sad fact. Recently, she has revealed that she is not ready still for doing the lead roles in women centric movies.


Producer Shankar, not director Shankar for your information, according to the reports, seems to have approached Trisha for playing the lead role in his next flick, recently, which would be a women centric one. The producer, who has renamed himself as Achudhan Shankar, has already done a movie with actress Monica, which did not fare well in the box office. However, now he seems to have begun his work for his next movie, titled Koperundevi, which has the story revolving around the female lead. The reports state that Shankar was ready to offer a generous remuneration to Trisha to play the lead role in this flick, but asking her to allocate bulk dates for the project. The remuneration sum offered by the producer to Trisha is one crore, if the reports have to be believed!

As the salary is quite high, the team of Trisha had asked the producer Shankar to give them some time to decide on whether she could do the role or not. However, on knowing that Shankar would be producing, directing and doing the male lead role in the movie, Trisha’s team replied him that Trisha is not free from the next one year.

When contacted, Trisha’s mother stated that her daughter is receiving almost three or four offers daily to do lead roles in women centric flicks. She, however, added that women centric flicks are not high in her daughter’s list of priorities, as most of her dates are full for the next one year.


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