Trisha Hits Gym to Get her Perfect Shape Back

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Published on April 26, 2015

It is really tough for heroines to maintain the youth and the figure when they are in their late 20s or early 30s. Right from Aishwarya Rai to every actress down the south, all of them have faced the heat of losing the charm of youth and the perfect and desirable body shape. For Trisha, that tough time is now. Already in her early 30s, the Manmadhan Ambu girl seems to have got upset with her body shape and figure. Her reaction is as usual. She has planned to hit the gym to get back to her best shape, her typical chic look, which she sported in the peak time of the career.

The once slim siren of Kollywood tweeted recently that she has decided to start her training again in a gym.Trisha Krishnan also tweeted that she was almost on a long sabbatical and did not opt for any physical training or exercise as she felt too lazy to hit the gyms. She also added that her current mission now is to shed two kilograms of weight in just one month. She further tweeted that she would like to sport a washboard tummy, which was her typical figure some years back. She added that her wishful thinking should come fruitful.

Right now it seems Trisha is on a holiday. She also tweeted that she is currently taking a break from the movie shooting commitments and is just spending valuable time with her close friends. However, she said she would not reveal where she is for the holiday.

Trisha is currently losing many big offers, as more young actresses are coming up good in southern cinema industries. However, she has Samar, Endrendum Punnagai and Boologam in her hands right now in Tamil cinema. At the end of the year she is believed to get more offers, but industry insiders believe those offers would not be the big deals!


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