Trisha and Rana Duggabati again making news for partying together!

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Published on April 16, 2015

Trisha-and-Rana-Duggabati-1A few months back the southern cinema industry was rippled with news that actress Trisha and Tollywood actor Rana Duggabati are romancing each other. Even pictures were leaked in the internet featuring both of the celebrities partying hard for the New Year’s bash in a private resort, somewhere near Goa. However, both the movie stars denied the news and claimed that such news are baseless and nothing but rumors created by the movie journalists. After this issue, Trisha and Rana were spotted partying together in a couple of hot spots in Chennai and Hyderabad later. However, the buzz is appearing now again as both the stars have partied together recently again!

It seems as if both Trisha and Rana Duggabati are not worried a wee bit about the news of their alleged relationship in the past. This time, it is again a common friend’s birthday bash, where the two of them were spotted spending good time with each other without any issues. The grapevine reporting the news also claims that the party took place in a private place in Hyderabad recently.
On enquiring, a well informed source tells us that Trisha and Rana Duggabati were seen being very comfortable in each other’s company. The source also says that both of them had a really very great time with each other and with the rest of the friends from the cinema industry. Although all of them are aware of the media’s allegation of their closeness and a relationship between them, it seemed as if it did not bother both the cinema stars as the source claims that both of them were seen together side by side throughout the entire time of the party.

When contacted, Rana Duggabati simply laughed out and replied that he and Trisha are simply good friends and their friendship has cherished for ten years since their first meeting!

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