Thoothuvan Movie Review the Message is Ignore This One

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Published on March 7, 2015

Thoothuvan forgot the Cinema basics
Yes! Cinema is a mass media and it is, indeed, a beautiful tool to take a message to a great number of people. However, a filmmaker should not also forget the fact that, cinema still exists on this earth as it is the most lovable form of entertainment. History has a lot of filmmakers who have succeeded in making movies with a message and at the same time entertaining the movie watchers. However, Mohanroop, the director of Thoothuvan, has failed to understand this right balance, and eventually his movie fails in every aspect of filmmaking.

Thoothuvan Story
An unnamed man (Adithya) sings all his way to make his livelihood sustain. Once, he visits a slum, where he finds that the pimp of that slum, Veluchamy (Gopikrishna), sexually abuses many minors in the region. However, he is unable to help the children on his own. Hence, he joins hands with a journalist (Gowri) and succeeds in rescuing the children from Veluchamy. However, his act of goodness and valour soon has some unexpected repercussions and lands him in great sorts of trouble. Can he survive from all his troubles?

Thoothuvan too much Preachy
The problem with Thoothuvan is that the movie becomes too preachy in each and every scene. Down the runtime, the movie tests the patience of the audience, as there no sight of at least one element of entertainment. It is okay that the movie deals with a message oriented genre. However, the director makes no point in doing justice to the genre he has taken to handle. It appears as if the director is clueless about which element of the plot he should concentrate on.

Thoothuvan Verdict
Even the most sensitive things in the plot do not evoke any feelings in the movie watchers, and this is where the movie fails big time. The casting also seems to be a big problem along with the pathetic screenplay.

Overall, the message for those who wish to watch Thoothuvan is, “Ignore this flick!”


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