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Published on June 10, 2015

Thirumathi-Tamil-3Thirumathi Tamil is one of the latest movies to hit the screens in Tamil cinema industry. The movie portrays the pros and cons of the marriage life and also tries convey what really the institution of marriage is meant for. Thirumathi Tamil stars Raaja Kannan, who is also the director of the movie, along with actresses Devayani and Keerthi Chawla. Many movies in Tamil cinema have tried their luck on the same thing, but only a few have succeeded. The very recent successful one was English Vinglish that starred actress Sri Devi in an important role.

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Coming to Thirumathi Tamil, it is a really dull show to be frank. Here is the plot of the movie. Tamil Selvan (Raaja Kannan) comes to Chennai after his marriage with his uncle’s daughter Jothi (Devayani) fails. He meets a girl called Charumathi (Keerthi Chawla), who is the daughter of his landlord. Charumathi proposes to him, but whether Tamil Selvan accepts her love or not, and more importantly what happens to Jothi, forms the rest of the plot.
Thirumathi Tamil is a long movie that runs for almost two and half hours, which might test the patience of the audiences. This is not a long runtime usually, but still taking into account the plot and characters of the movie, the run time is surely a big minus. In addition to this, most of the scenes take place in a court room that lacks proper writing and interesting logics.
Thirumathi Tamil also stars a bunch of comedians. Ganja Karuppu, Livingstone, Vaiyapuri and Delhi Ganesh all have tired their luck in making the audiences laugh, but still all the efforts go in vain. The narration of the movie is not linear, which disappoints the audiences further as it leads way to too many songs and stunt sequences.

Thirumathi Tamil is a dull show and you can easily avoid it!

Thirumathi Tamil Movie Review Verdict – Dull Show

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