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Published on May 30, 2015

Thiranthidu-Seese-Dhansika-Stills-1Released this month, Thiranthidu Seese is a Tamil “whodunit” crime thriller where the crime is that of rape. Directed by Nimesh Varshan, this 2-hour-16-minute film revolves around two bartenders who discover a senseless girl at their pub’s restroom.

The cast of the movie comprises Veeravan Stalin, Dhanshikaa (playing Charmi, the rape victim), Ujjayinee, and Narayan. Thiranthidu Seese has got an amazingly strong female lead in Charmi, who on waking up accuses those two bartenders for her rape although she has no memory of who among them had done it. She decides to find the culprit in her own way.
Thiranthidu-Seese-Dhansika-Stills-2The premise of the movie is fantastic where Charmi is a modern and open-minded girl who wears tight-fitted western wear and visits pubs alone where she drinks and smokes, not caring a bit whether these allow men to perceive her has an easy target. Thus, when she awakens in the bar lounge of Hussain and John, she springs into action immediately after realizing that she has been raped. She suspects either of these two bartenders who she had found to be eyeing her right from when she had entered the pub. And both the men seem shady.
Thiranthidu-Seese-Dhansika-Stills-3 The first half of the movie is engaging despite the fact that all the action takes place in the interior of the pub. A lot of things happen and the viewers stay intrigued by the prevalent tension as well as the apprehension of what might happen next.

The director, through Charmi, raises some essential questions as to how society perceives women. However, post-interval, it becomes a completely different movie that edgily delivers a melodramatic anti-alcoholism message as seen in public service advertisements. It becomes a riddle why the director lost the plot midway. Did he not know how to finish what he had begun so convincingly! However, the spark that this debut director displays is laudable and praiseworthy.

Thiranthidu Seese Needed As Brilliant A Finish As Its Start!


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