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Published on February 4, 2015

The original Thillu Mullu released way back in the year of 1981 is one of classic comedies ever made in Tamil cinema industry. Starring the superstar Rajnikanth and directed by the legendary director K Balachander Thillu Mullu is always a happy outing even now. However, for the millennium generation, the movie might just be a history, but not anymore. Director Badri has come up with his own version of Thillu Mullu with actor Siva in the lead role. Director Badri manages to make people laugh and brings in modernity without disturbing the film’s main theme, but classics can never have a better remake, as the original is the best all time. Thillu Mullu too is not an exception.

Director Badri makes no changes to the storyline of the 1981 original. A happy – go – lucky, freedom loving young man cheats his employer with an array of lies to get a job. He builds more on his lies to save his job and to convince his boss’ daughter to love him. What happens when his boss comes to know about his lies and how the young man escapes again is the theme of Thillu Mullu. Director Badri has tweaked the atmosphere and characters slightly to add modern reality to the movie.

Thillu_Mullu-Movie-2It takes a lot to maintain the right balance between the original theme and bringing in the modernity factor while making a remake of the movie. It takes more, if the director chooses to remake a great classic like Thillu Mullu. Credit goes to the director Badri who manages to bring in this balance in his version of Thillu Mullu.

There are some interesting and very engaging comedic scenes in the remake of the 1981 classic. And above all, there is actor Siva, who can make you laugh with his serious style of delivering even the most comic lines.

What come as the negatives for the movie are the screenplay and the less concentration in the employer role played by actor Prakash Raj. And there are some sequences, which look very artificial and try desperately to bring out the laughter. Two songs have been place at miserable timings.

Overall, Thillu Mullu works, but not completely just the way the classic original did.


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