Theneer Viduthi Review – A Comical Entertainer

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Published on April 19, 2015

Theneer Viduthi Review – A Comical Entertainer
Kollywood follows certain trends in certain period of time. The village stories covered with silly comedies started flooding the screen with the success of “Kalavani”. Even now some directors have the hang of it and try to produce similar movies. “Theneer Viduthi” is one such film. The village “Tee Kadai” is a meeting point for all both the youngsters and the old people in most of the villages even today. Just because the movie has that title, don’t expect something so interesting. The age old technique of watching the girls through mirror in the shop is shown here too.

The story of the movie is very simple. Kumaran and Raja are two brothers living their life heartily with a job enough to earn for their living. Things take a different turn when Kumaran falls in love with Valli. Her influential father packs her off to another town to keep her safe from Kumaran. But the brother’s duo sneaks into the town and steal the girl after a series of comical scenes. The ‘Pandhal Raja’ character is created to help his brother’s love. There is a short love track for him too.

The director has decided to make the movie comical. He didn’t check about the comical overdose. Have a hearty laugh in the theater. Come out for and wonder why you were laughing all the time? No answer. The film does not create any impact on us. We don’t feel like watching it again or recommending to anybody else. If a friend asks you what was the movie like, you wonder what to say because we haven’t caught anything really. This is where such movies fail.

Coming to performance, the hero and the heroine do not make a very impressive couple. Cameraman Manavalan does a neat job. As for anything, Kollywood never falls short of good camera handlers. Kumaran’s music is very average. It sounds same during the romantic scenes as well as the serious scenes. The heroine comes in many scenes, but does not do justice to her role. Adith who plays the part of Kumaran is the only person who had done well. Watch the movie to have a good laugh for a short time.


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