Thee Kulikkum Pachai Maram Movie Review – Blood, Grey and Gruesome!

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Published on May 21, 2015

Thee-Kulikkum-Pachai-Maram-4Thee Kulikkum Pachai Maram is one of the latest movies to hit the screens in Tamil cinema industry. The movie is a take on the grey shades of the human beings – how gruesome, dirty and blood loving they can be when they face such situations. The movie also ends with a message that has been told many times by other filmmakers – one who picks up a knife for a living, ends his life with the same. The movie has been directed by two short film directors Vinesh and Prabhesh and TV anchor Prajin makes an entry as the male lead actor.

Thee Kulikkum Pachai Maram starts with three characters Pandi (Prajin), Charlie and Dorai getting out of a correction school, which was their home cum jail for the past seven years – a punishment for their act against the law. Pandi returns to his village where he has no family to support. Frustrated of being jobless, he attracts a girl in the village called Chandrika (Sarayu). Chandrika, after initial hiccups, manages to marry Pandi. With pressure of running a family, Pandi joins as an in – charge of a mortuary, as he has no other options. his life takes a turn after his new job!

Thee-Kulikkum-Pachai-Maram-3Credit goes to the new directors Vinesh and Prabhesh for handling such a theme that is full of blood, shades of grey and gruesome acts. They have kept the movie short to create an impact among the audiences. However, their depiction of the proceedings is definitely not for the light hearted viewers, as many scenes depict the brutal organ harvesting, corpse raping activities in real colors.

Prajin sticks well to his character and his acting does not tell that he is a new comer.

With such a gruesome content, Thee Kulikkum Pachai Maram is surely not for family audiences.



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