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Published on March 31, 2015

Super Man Jiiva in MugamoodiDirector Mysskin, who is a well known director for his works in Chiththiram Pesuthadi and Anjaathey, has come up with what is called the first ever ‘Superhero’ flick in Tamil cinema industryMugamoodi. He has chosen actor Jiiva to don the role of superhero and actor Narain, to play the role of baddie. Interestingly, Narain is the one who played the lead role in Mysskin’s previous two flicks. The superhero concept was partially tested by director Susi Ganesan in the movie Kandasamy, and still, the theme remained be an untouched area by Tamil filmmakers. Mysskin has now touched this theme daringly, and he succeeds in making his superhero work, although not as efficient as the Batmans and Spidermans and the Ironmans.

Jiiva in Mugamoodi
Anand’s only passion is Kung Fu, which earns him the nickname, Bruce Lee. Interestingly, Anand falls in love with Shakthi (Pooja Hegde), the beloved daughter of the Chennai city’s assistant commissioner Gaurav (Nasser). To impress her, Anand wears a mask and a superhero suit, but he is mistaken to murder her father. In the meanwhile, Anand’s friend is killed by the goons of the city. To avenge his friend and to come clean from bad mark, Anand dons the mask – the Mugamoodi forever!
Pooja Hegde in Mugamoodi
Mysskin first needs an appreciation to touch a new area, which was not touched by even one filmmaker daringly in the long history of Tamil cinema industry. The characterization is the best thing for which Mysskin is appreciated for in his movies. However, comparing his movie Anjaathey with Mugamoodi would be fool’s job. Since, the theme varies the viewership also varies. The characterization in Mugamoodi shows brilliance at times, but not always. However, still Mysskin manages to do justice to the genre he has taken.
Super Man Jiiva in Mugamoodi
Jiiva easily manages to don the tough role offered to him. In every bit, he easily fits to character without any issues. However, actor Narain, who plays the baddie, has just a limited scope on screen. He does not enjoy a good screen space and that disappoints the audience. The director has left the end open, which might lead a possibility of a sequel.
Naren in Mugamoodi
The background is surely a big plus for the movie, in addition to good technical work. Overall, Mugamoodi works for Chennai, but as great as the Batman for the Gotham city!



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