Thalaivan A Commercial Entertainer With A Lazy End

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Published on February 3, 2015

Thalaivan-Movie Review and Stills at dailomo.comThe long awaited, and extensively talked about movie from Ramesh Selvan, Thalaivan, has finally hit the theatres in April. The film, which is a home production of the lead actor of the movie, V. Bhaskaran aka Bas, is purposefully built to launch him in the Tamil film industry.

Thalaivan-Movie Review and Stills at dailomo.comthalaivan-stills-3The plot of the movie revolves around Daniel, a terrorist, who has been known as a main culprit behind the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Using the Mumbai terror attacks in the backdrop of a movie is not a new concept the industry has conceived, but in this case the main challenge was to offer something going over the usual.

The story line draws Anwar Khan, as a one- time mentor, and present time rival of Daniel. As Daniel take over the charge from Anwar Khan, he tried to kill Anwar and failed. To take revenge Anwar opted for a deal with the corrupt police officers, who started to kill Daniel’s men in the name of “encounter”. Just when the story line started to role in this note, and the viewers could see the DGP Sundarapandian throwing few dialogues about making the city free from crimes, a new challenger arrives – the Thalaivan. This challenger is mystic and performs crime right under the nose of the cops, but the cops are not able to get a hold of him anyway.

Viewers can expect the Ramesh Selvan type typical commercial story line, which can entertain for the span of the movie. With interesting plans to capture Thalaivan, and enjoyable cameos the film keep on rolling smoothly. However, the presentation of the story line makes things quite predictable as the movie approaches the end, and the film is not able to keep up the tension for the viewers, which makes it to some extent unsurprising. Neither the main character of the film, Bas, nor the film has gained a good review from the critics.
Thalaivan-Movie Review and Stills at

Thalaivan-Movie Review and Stills at

Thalaivan-Movie Review and Stills at


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