Thalaivaa Movie Review – Old Wine in New Bottle!

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Published on February 9, 2015

Thalaivaa-Movie-Stills-1Thalaivaa is the latest movie starring actor Vijay and the release of the movie was much expected because of the blockbuster success of Vijay’s previous flick Thuppakki. The tentative and sensitive title of the movie, Thalaivaa, was also a cause for the hype around the movie. However, much to the anger of the Vijay fans, the movie’s release was stopped in Tamil Nadu by theater owners who claim to receive bomb threats if they screen the movie. However, Thalaivaa has already seen a worldwide release as planned on Ramzan. The movie has no new content but director A L A Vijay has tried to give it in a different package.

Ramadurai (Sathyaraj) is a messiah for Tamil people living in Mumbai as helps them improve their lives by wiping out the injustice that escapes the eyes of law. He sends his son Vishwa (Vijay) to Australia to keep him clean from his mafia activities. Vishwa becomes a dancer in Australia and finds love with Meera (Amala Paul). Meera’s family wants to confirm the marriage with Vishwa’s father and hence Vishwa gets them to Mumbai. However, things take a turn and change the life of Vishwa forever as he has to take up the job of his father.

Nayagan, Sarkar and Dookudu are other similar movies that share the same theme of Thalaivaa. Call it a lift, or decently, inspiration, director A L A Vijay tries to improvise this tested theme of a don saving the lives of a minority community. Director Vijay’s approach works well in first half, where one can get all entertaining stuff like dance, comedy and love sequences.

It is the second half that stretches beyond the limit and tests the patience of the audiences. The second half does not improve the movie, but negates the entertainment that the first half provided.

The movie runs for a good three hours, but actor Vijay has tried his best to keep the proceeding lively and engaging. Unfortunately, the second half negates his performances too. Nirav Shah’s camera and Snathanam’s comedy can provide relief for a few.

Overall, Thalaivaa is badly edited, which is nothing but the same wine that comes in a new bottle!

Plus : Neerav Sha Cinematography particularly Australia Sydney portions, Santhanam Comedy
Minus: Second half of the movie, Songs (expect Vanganna Vanakkangana)
Verdict : If you are Vijay fan, no choice to see this movie..others you can decide.
   Thalaivaa-Movie-Stills-5 Thalaivaa-Movie-Stills-5 Thalaivaa-Movie-Stills-5 Thalaivaa-Movie-Stills-5

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