Thalaimuraigal Movie Review – Legend is Always Legendary!

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Published on May 7, 2015

Thalaimuraigal-Movie-Stills-8Thalaimuraigal marks the return of the legendary Tamil cinema filmmaker and cinematographer Balu Mahendra. The director himself has handled the camera for Thalaimuraigal and has also played the role of protagonist. Director Balu Mahendra, who is known for his great films such as Sandhya Raagam, Veedu and Moondram Pirai has made his Thalaimuraigal with the theme that aged people are not different from children.

Thalaimuraigal-Movie-Stills-1Subbu Pillai (Balu Mahendra) is a septuagenarian. He suffers from a stroke and his doctor son pays him a visit after a long time since Subbu Pillai has not accepted his son’s marriage to an orphan Christian girl. Subbu Pillai still sticks to his decision of not approving his son’s marriage but his views take a turn when he sees his grandson for the first time. After getting with his grandson, Subbu Pillai tries to discover new meanings to his life. How his relationship comes up with his grandson is told in a poetic and realistic manner.

Director Balu Mahendra has taken care of almost all important duties in making this movie such as direction, cinematography, editing, production and even portraying the lead character. The director has sketched the movie in a beautiful way in every possible angle without deviating from the reality of life on earth.

Thalaimuraigal-Movie-Stills-2Thalaimuraigal is poetic and moves on with no respect to time. The movie has been narrated with the help of well written characters. Each and every frame of the movie portrays the realms of reality in a stunning way and director Balu Mahendra’s cinematography does not miss to showcase the beauties of a calm and peaceful village at the same time.

Who cares about slow style of narrating a movie when the background score is done by none other than the maestro Ilayaraja? Thalaimuraigal’s big advantage is Ilayaraja’s background tunes, which does the narration when there is no dialogue.

To cleanse our thought process, which has been almost polluted by commercial cinema in the name of entertainment, Thalaimuraigal is a must watch, which cares more about truth and meaningfulness rather than brain-numbing entertainment.



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