Thagararu Movie Review – Old Content Comes with New Twists!

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Published on February 12, 2015

Thagararu-Stills-4Madurai seems to be favorite place for the filmmakers in Tamil cinema still to cook up their stories. Many movies have come since the cult classic Subramanyapuram, which introduced the trend but still Madurai continues to be the filmmakers’ top choice for a city background in their stories. Thagararu is one such movie based in Madurai to hit the screens for this weekend. The movie stars actor Arulnidhi, who has earlier acted in movies like Vamsam, Udhayan and importantly Mounaguru, in the lead role. Actress Poorna has played the female lead role opposite Arulnidhi.

Saravanan (Arulnidhi), Aarumugam (Murugadoss), Senthil (Pawan) and Pazhani (Sullie Kumar) are four orphans and develop as petty thieves who are ready to do anything for money. As usual, Saravanan falls in love with Meenakshi (Poorna), who is the only daughter of Kanthuvatti Govindhan (Jayaprakash), a big shot tough money lender in his region. Saravanan’s counterparts warn him of his relationship with Meenakshi, but it is too late to back down for Saravanan. He has to take up Govindhan and a few more. Can he succeed?

Debutant director Ganesh Vinayaac’s Thagararu might be yet another Madurai based movie with friendship and love as core themes for a regular Tamil cinema watcher, who is is so tired of watching so many movies of that kind. The director, however, makes sure that his movie runs right on the money by offering surprise twists, especially at the climax.

The first half of the movie sets up the plot with the usual romantic track, a few songs, comedy track and character setting. The second half of the movie is where all the twists crop up and keep the audiences gripped till the end. However, the tried and tested theme might give a redundant feel to some audiences.

Overall, Thagararu is not a great movie but it is not bad either.



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