Thaandavam Movie Review Good Substance and Good Package

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Published on May 21, 2015

This is a world where package is as important as the content. Director Vijay seems to have understood this theory right. His, latest offering, Thaandavam, after many hassles, has finally hit the screens and the movie consists of good content neatly packed with good direction, performance and on screen appeal. Thaandavam boasts of a stupendous star cast that includes actor Vikram, playing the lead role, and Anushka, Amy Jackson and Lakshmi Rai playing the female leads. Actors Nasser, Saranya, Thambi Ramaiah and Delhi Ganesh take care of the character roles and Santhaanam is also there to make people laugh.

The story of Thaandavam is told by the director using a lot of flashbacks. Kenny (Vikram) is a blind man who lives as a musician in a church in London. However, mysteriously, he involves in a series of killings in the city. Veerakathy Pillai (Nasser), a cool police officer, follows up the serial killing case. In the meanwhile, Sarah Vinayagam (Amy Jackson), Ms. London, meets Kenny by chance and is moved by his kindness. She falls in love with her just to find later that Kenny has a dark past, which reveals that Kenny’s real name is Shivakumar, a top intelligence officer in India. What has happened to Shivakumar and why he became Kenny?
Director Vijay has taken up an intriguing plot and has tried it to present it in a best way that any director can present. He proves his perfection in every shot of the movie, and in writing the characters of the movie. Another great thing in the movie is the mild romance that happens in the flashbacks between Vikram and Anushka. The romance scenes have a different flavor and remind us about the Mouna Raagam. Vijay needs a pat on his back for brilliantly putting the romance in between a cop chase story.

It is the second part of the plot where the director actually fails. Although things look right, they are not perfect. The twist in the plot is not unpredictable and makes the audiences a bit disappointed. And the end scenes could have been narrated in a better way.
Vikram has once again proved that he can fit to any character on screen. His body language and expressions are definitely lessons for rising actors. Anushka’s expressions define her character and Amy Jackson finds it easy to play her role. Santhaanam keeps people laughing whenever he appears on screen.

Cinematography is a big plus for Thaandavam, kudos to the cameraman. G V Prakash Kumar proves his mettle once again in delivering the best music for the plot of the movie.

Overall, Thaandavam is a new attempt that has good substance and package, which should not be missed!

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