Tenaliraman Movie Review – Not too Witty!

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Published on June 9, 2015

Tenaliraman is a character that never misses to find a place in the books of young kinds in India. The character is known for intelligence, wit and comedy. There has been no serious attempt to portray this character in silver screen ever in the long history of Tamil cinema industry. So, the Tenaliraman movie already made people look for something as interesting as the title character. In addition to this, there is this Vadivelu factor. The comedy actor is playing the lead role in Tenaliraman and he has returned to cinema after two big years. So, definitely one will expect wit plus comedy from Tenaliraman.

Agada Vigada Tenaliraman is a new member in the ministry of the king of Vigada Nadu. He becomes a minister at a very critical time, when all other ministers in the king’s ministry are corrupt. Other ministers accept bribery from the Chinese emperor and allow limitless trade of Chinese goods in Vigada Nadu, which results in economic poverty in Vigada Nadu. On the other hand, Tenaliraman is quite intelligent and witty and has his own ways of rescuing the state from the corrupt hands of other ministers. Can he win in his quest?

Tenaliraman is quite similar to Imsai Arasan Irubathimoondram Pulikesi in many ways. Both the movies are period historical entertainers. Vadivelu plays dual roles in both the movies. Even the characterization of his roles seems to be the same in both the movies. The story theme is also the same where the intelligent character needs to instruct the king and save the state from the hands of corrupt ministers and foreigners.

Tenaliraman on paper made interesting stories and amused children and adults as well. However, on screen Tenaliraman hardly amuses the audiences. Blame it on the poor execution of the director. Actor Vadivelu tries his maximum to carry the movie on his shoulders but the poor execution of the script does not entertain the audiences as promised.

Director relay on only Dialogue writer Aaroordas and he failed to utilize the Vadivelu in terms of comedy. Tenaliraman can be seen once for only Vadivelu.

Tanaliraman the only Vadivelu movie, that more speech without any comedy.

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